SWUDB's Automated Card Knowledge-Base And Retrieval bot.

A.C.K.B.A.R. is a Discord bot that allows you to make SWUDB search queries without leaving Discord.

Use the /swudb command in any Discord with A.C.K.B.A.R. to fetch card images from SWUDB. A.C.K.B.A.R. can parse any query that you could perform here on SWUDB, using the same search syntax used here.

To invite A.C.K.B.A.R. to your server, click on this Discord invite link. A.C.K.B.A.R. does not have scope or authority to read messages, nor does it watch for "prefix" commands - you must use the newish Discord command syntax.

A.C.K.B.A.R. shows extra deference to Patreon Supporters; please reach out to Parker to ask how.

A.C.K.B.A.R. knows the comprehensive rules, and can be invoked using the /rules command.